BRC AA Certified – A Safer Flavour

Once again we’ve proven our dedication to the highest class in food safety by being awarded BRC AA. Safer flavours from I.T.S. We’ve done it again! Another year, another BRC AA  awarded. Following a successful audit in July we were officially given this year’s BRC AA certificate in early September. Full credit goes to our […]

I.T.S. Commissions UHT Pilot Plant

We have invested to install and commission a high-quality UHT pilot plant at our facility in Newbury. We don’t like to blow our own trumpet, but we’ve made a real mark in the flavoured milk market over the last few years. If you’re a fan of milkshakes, we’re pretty confident you’ll have already tried our […]

Are Allergens Driving You Nuts?

Exploring how flavourings can help solve one of food and drink manufacturers biggest headaches. Allergens are one of the biggest nightmares for food and drink manufacturers. However, it’s a bigger nightmare if you suffer from one of these allergens. You may have heard about the large companies who have been caught out with it before […]

Tackling Sugar In Milk And Plant-Based Drinks

How to naturally reduce sugar in RTD milk and plant-based drinks with no impact on taste or texture. Plant-based drinks are really taking on the mainstream. Over the last couple of years the quality of the products has increased massively – with an extensive choice now presented to consumers. Take a look down supermarket aisles […]

Hard Seltzer: Should You Believe The Hype?

Will the hard seltzer transform the alcoholic drinks market, or is it all hype and no flavour? Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the last couple of years, you’ll be aware of the latest craze to hit the alcoholic drinks market. The hard seltzer is providing a healthier alternative to beer and ready […]

Savoury Flavour Trends You Can’t Ignore

Take a look at the savoury flavour trends you just won’t be able to ignore. Food has become much more than just part of your daily routine. Food is now a journey, a destination, an experience. People’s love of food starts at the most essential part – flavour. Taste is quite simply, everything. Flavour trends move […]

A Braver Flavour For Summer Food and Drink Launches

We’ve been busy developing some new braver flavourings perfect for summer launches. This summer is sure to be packed with new summer releases and plenty of exotic flavours. This year more than ever customers will be on the lookout for escapism and exciting flavours to transport them to the feeling of being on holiday. Of […]

SweetLITE™ Body: Natural Sweetness And Mouthfeel

It’s finally here, the answer to your biggest headache. I.T.S. present the definite all-natural sweetness and mouthfeel booster for beverages. The bane of most beverage technologists lives is trying to reduce sugar content, but still maintain the same great taste and desired mouthfeel. Well, the team at I.T.S. has gone and done it. 100% NATURAL […]

I.T.S. To Become Carbon Negative

To celebrate World Earth Day we are proudly announcing our plans to become a carbon negative flavouring supplier. Put simply, we are looking to remove more CO2 emissions than we put into the atmosphere. We recognise the responsibility we have to help preserve the planet. We also recognise the great efforts many of our customers […]