Tired of boring seasonings that just aren’t delivering on flavour? We have developed a range of natural flavours that work alongside your seasonings to give that extra boost of flavour.

These are hybrids of basic seasonings boosted with high intensity Natural Flavourings. An example is our Strong cheese seasoning, with the majority of the product consisting of cheese powder, salt, pepper, onion powder, which delivers the base flavour taste. The intensity of this is boosted by the addition of a Strong cheese Natural flavouring. This type of flavouring delivers a full, strong cheese taste that delivers all the way through the eat.

This particular example works very well in morning goods – rolls, bagels, savoury muffins, scones. Other similar products in development include Tomato, herb, yeast based products

Take a look below to find out more – and if you can’t see what you’ve got in mind, get in touch and find out how we’ll make it bespoke.



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